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Helmi Charif - Windsor West 

I will stand up and fight for your issues and educate on your behalf.  

About Helmi I am a man of Values and Morals and Dignity and Traditions, I fear God. 
Being Honest and Straight in Life and Helping People are my Goals. 

Speaks English, Arabic, Français

Studied Automotive Engineering Technology at St. Clair College

St. Clair College
Class of 1992 · Automotive Engineering Technology
Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers

New Democratic Party


Helmi Charif for MPP


2011 General Election Results 

103, Windsor West

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After the period prescribed by the Election Act, the official poll-by-poll results will be posted.

256 Polls Out Of 256

Candidate Political Party Number of Votes
Todd Branch PC Party of Ontario / Parti PC de l’Ontario 8519
Helmi Charif Ontario NDP/NPD 10543
Chad Durocher Green Party of Ontario / Parti Vert de l’Ontario 1052
Teresa Piruzza Ontario Liberal Party / Parti libéral de l’Ontario 14176

These results are being provided for purposes of convenience. They are unofficial and the official results will be published by the Chief Electoral Officer at a later date. 


I am writing to you my best people today to thank you for your generous financial donation to my election campaign and to thank those who voted for me and those who visited my son in the Hospital and wished him fast recovery and those who kept my son in their prayers. It was a hard fought campaign and although I wasn’t victorious, I enjoyed the experience immensely and I will be back! 
October 6th… 

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